Make your housing
energy efficient

We help Registered Social Landlords tackle the climate emergency with a PAS 2035 compliant retrofit pathway.

Our software completes the Retrofit Assessment process, minimising the need for costly and time consuming surveys.

A roadmap to Net Zero housing
without costing the Earth.

Government Net Zero targets and more immediate requirements for improved energy efficiency in social housing has set the sector a daunting task.

Ambue quickly and efficiently maps your housing stock. Your dashboard collates the data you need to take a wide strategic view of building safety, quality and sustainability.

We immediately provide a cost/benefit analysis for each property to improve EPC ratings and SAP scores - providing a step by step roadmap towards an upgraded, greener housing portfolio.

Solving your data problems


Tackle the climate crisis with house retrofit assessments at portfolio and granular level.

Our "Whole House Plan" provides a cost / benefit analysis alongside a specific implementation plan to get each property as close to Net Zero as possible.

Building Quality

Know your strategy meets the Quality Assured PAS 2035 guidance for retrofit projects.

Our recommendations tackle related issues such as air quality, ventilation, and infiltration which contribute to damp, condensation, and mould.

Building Safety

Be confident in your ability to archive data and achieve the Hackitt Review's "Golden Thread" of accountability.

We'll build a 3D "Digital Twin" for each of your properties which can be used to tag data and documents, creating a visual housing index.

Ambue creates a Building Renovation Passport, linking all relevant documentation and records to a property throughout the retrofit for instant evidence and authentication.

Defining the path to success

Ambue provides the tools and expertise you need to turn Net Zero targets into achievable actions, across your whole housing portfolio.

Step 1

Rapid Onboarding

We quickly represent homes in an interactive 3D "Digital Twin" format on our platform.

Publicly available data enables us to accurately map more than 70% of properties instantly, with custom built or personalised models created to fill in any gaps.

Step 2

Whole House Plans

Our Whole House Plans set out the most practical and cost effective measures for improved energy efficiency and decarbonisation for every single property.

All advice follows PAS 2035 best practice.

Step 3

Roadmap to Net Zero

We provide straightforward, incremental steps towards your sustainability goals.

We'll start with a plan to get your portfolio to EPC Band C. From there, you move towards Net Zero with our Medium Term Improvement Plan.

Step 4

Tendering and Compliance

The Ambue platform designs solutions and provides the procurement specification reports you need to take your projects to tender.

We'll upload PAS 2035 paperwork to the Trustmark database when your retrofits are complete.

Discover the benefits of the Ambue platform

We provide an achievable, cost effective roadmap to efficiently upgrade your housing stock in line with national and local climate targets.

Offering greater value


Projects mobilise and reach tender stage much faster.


Software reduces the need for expensive and time consuming surveys.

Cost Effective

Up to 50% cheaper than using traditional consultants


Wrap around accountability and certification according to PAS 2035.

Making your job easier


Easy to access and manage data. Simple, clear advice.


Data integrates with other sources and can be exported at will.

Assists Portfolio Management

We group projects and support economic procurement.


We support tenant engagement. Minimum disruption, maximum benefit.

Saving you over £1000 per property in retrofit services

A multitude of services are included within a single solution - saving your budget and time.

Digital Twin 3D Modelling

Worth £500+

Building Renovation Passports

Worth £200+

Estimated initial EPC Scores avoid early survey fees

Worth £75+

Professional Design and Retrofit Coordinator expertise

Worth £500-£1000+

Generate "Certificate of Lawful Development" applications

Worth £500+

PAS 2035 compliant documentation for accessing grants

Worth £5,000+

Advice you can trust

We're a team of experienced architects and data scientists.

We're proud to be backed by the government and the UK's leading green technology organisations.

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